Thursday, March 15, 2007

General Commentary

Dogs: "Some people don't like dogs, they can all go to Hell".

There seems to be a great difference of opinion on the what where and how of dogs in the world today. Personally my dog is treated as a family member and best friend. I don't leash him, fence him or crate him as I regard all these to be infringements on him. I do not walk him or pick up after him as it is an organic and natural process. Birds do it everywhere and no one worries about that. Never thought of myself as a bag man! He has the run of the neighborhood, never strays, he doesn't bother anyone, never bites or threatens and is regarded by most people as cute, kind and gentle. If he is struck by a car then that is his fate but so far none of my dogs have had this problem. I train my dog by keeping him with me as much as possible and they learn by osmosis what I expect and what is unacceptable behavior. My dog frequently go into stores where I do business and there is never a problem, as a matter of fact most store employees look forward to his arrival and ask where he is when I come in without him. He is a Gentleman dog. I don't license him as this is nothing more than a tax, he is not "fixed" because he is not broken. He considers his balls very important and doesn't want to loose them.

To those who disagree with my methods of dog ownership I say "you raise your dog your way and I'll raise mine my way. If this is a problem then you will simply have to put up with it because the Police really aren't interested and I am never going to see it any other way. If I loose your business I don't consider it a loss.

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Keep up the good work.