Thursday, March 15, 2007

Project Stuff

Bob's mini sun room

Built with the old storm windows from my house

Jeff Davidson's Pergola

And new deck

The tough life!

Man size benches

The Brennan Gaudet Kitchen

And Bathroom

As cool as it looks!

Bill MacDonald does prep work on the New Sun room floor, keeping out the Skunks!

We set 6x6 treated posts in concrete and used a sewer pipe as a frost jack, hopefully she won't move.

The new SIPS floor. Super insulated and super strong.
The roof is 3" of solid foam with aluminum skins as well.

One thing is sure, no drafts and nice n warm.

A lot of fooling around getting it right from the beginning. With a Sun room it had better be square or there will be trouble.

Detail work on the beam end, tricky sheet metal work by Gerald.

And it sure is nice. Every second window slides open for great temperature control even in July. This room Face South West and never got too hot this summer.

Oct 24th, 8 degrees outside and 23 degrees inside with no heat on.
The Customers are pleased!

Patio door detail.

The full glass and 9 ft. walls really make the room feel wonderful.

"we're out here all the time" George says.

The eaves trough is massively strong and very stylish. There is a stripe kit available as well.

We capped it all in aluminum, no paint ever.

On the end of a 40x28 bungalow, looks like it grew there.

If you show this photo to a female she will want one.

Theater set built by House Doctors with special paint effects by Gerald, our resident artist!

Duane and Gerald before and after Duradek

Before and after the wheel chair access

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